Big isn’t always better. Although the term “big data” is ubiquitous, the key for innovators across industries is that the size of the data isn’t the most critical factor — having the right data is. It is important to understand big data versus the right data.

The relentless focus on the importance of collecting, analyzing and distributing exabytes of data is often misguided. Yes, in some situations, deriving value from data requires having an immense amount of that data. However, most critical decision paths can be greatly simplified if you put the right data analytics in the hands of key decision makers.

Sometimes the “right” data is big. And sometimes the right data is small. But for industry innovators, the key is figuring out which critical pieces of data are driving competitive advantage. These are the pieces of data that you want to discover as quickly as possible.



Is big data unveiling the key insights you need to compete? You must understand big data versus the right data. 


This is where Crunch Data creates value: We help companies get access to the most important data to support critical decision making, and we make that process faster – thus giving companies more lead time on those discovered competitive advantages:




What is it that your organization needs for a successful, next generation, BI and Data Visualization program? Crunch-Data has well defined maturity road maps for each of the domain areas we specialize in. Below are the areas where we have proved our expertise. If you don’t see your particular BI need addressed in our service offerings, do contact us anyway. Maybe what you want doesn’t yet exist and we can partner in creating your organization’s future.



Using superior next generation BI tools, Crunch Data will produce the highest quality dashboards in days, not months. Does your enterprise require management and analysts to have self-service analytics dashboards for strategy, research, and planning? Or do you want line users to have prescriptive mobile tools that set priorities on a daily basis? Crunch Data is experienced and has its own best practices across this spectrum of need. We provide results fast and flexibly. The problem you have is complex, and the results we provide will make it look simple.



Highest value to your enterprise can be attained by sharing critical data across business functions in a non-traditional way. For example, marketing analyzes marketing data while sales analyze CRM data. Insight and value expand exponentially when the two are combined. It is a simple concept to want to see ROI on marketing investment in terms of improved sales. Crunch Data’s Enterprise Architecture services offer experience and best practices to expand the vision and success of your enterprise BI program. Find out how, now.