Crunch Data’s C-Connect development team is busy keeping up with an ever-expanding array of systems that your business depends on.  The matrix below is a snapshot of our continuous commitment to providing you BI services across all forms of systems and the valuable data they generate.

# Connector Name Status
1 Amazon S3     Icons 20-by-20-edited-25-2-16 02.gif
2 Asana     Asana.gif
3 Basecamp v2     Basecamp.gif
4 Bitly     Bitly.gif
5 Box     Box.gif
6 Concur     Concur.gif
7 Dropbox     Dropbox.gif
8 Exact online     Exact online.gif
9 Facebook Fans     Facebook.gif
10 Freeagent     Freeagent.gif
11 Google Adsense     Gads.gif
12 Google Analytics     Google Analytics.gif
13 Google Big Query     Google Big Query.gif
14 Google Calendar     Google Calendar.gif
15 Google Drive and Spreadsheets     Google Drive and Spreadsheets.gif
16 Google Prediction     Google Prediction.gif
17 Harvest     Harvest.gif
18 Instagram     Instagram.gif
19 Jira     JIra small.png
20 Klout Connector     Klout Connector.gif
21 Linked In     Linked In.gif
22 Mailchimp     Mailchimp.gif
23 Mashape (App Hub)     Mashape small.png
24 Microsoft Dynamics Ax      
25 MSFT Dynamics CRM Online     MSFT Dynamics CRM Online.gif
26 NetSuite     NetSuite.gif
27 OData     OData.gif
28 OneDrive     One drive small.png
29 Pipedrive (Sales CRM)     Pipedrive.gif
30 QuickBase Intuit (PM)     Quick base small.png
31 SalesForce      
32 Salesforce Desk (Support Desk)     Salesforce Desk.gif
33 SurveyMonkey     SurveyMonkey.gif
34 Twitter     Twitter.gif
35 Windows Azure Data Marketplace      
36 Xero (Accounting)     Xero.gif
37 Youtube Analytics     Youtube Analytics.gif
38 Youtube Data     Youtube Data Connector.png
39 ZenDesk (Support Desk)     ZenDesk.gif