CrunchBot™ Leads Data Analytics Chatbot Field

Get a Data Analytics Chatbot Fully Functional in Minutes

There is a large field of users that want to be able to use natural language for their data analytics questions.  Instead of busy looking dashboards, they want a data analytics chatbot.  So, Crunch Data’s lab has produced the CrunchBot™.

CrunchBot leaps ahead in the field of chatting with your existing data analytics apps.  It solves many problems straight out of the box.

Four Data Analytics Deployment Problems Solved – New Data Analytics Chatbot

Problem 1, nearly 70% of users are intimidated by existing data analytics apps and won’t use them.  So, CrunchBot™ offers a new way to on-board these users, increasing adoption of data analytics to these users.

Problem 2, chat applications take weeks or months to configure and learn.  For this, CrunchBot™ will work on the NLU, NLP, and NLG piece along with your existing data analytics apps in minutes.  Instead of weeks or months, you will have a fully functional chatbot in MINUTES.

Problem 3, chat application don’t produce charts.  So, CrunchBot™ produces charts on demand.

Problem 4, chat applications require learning and specific language on the user’s part.  Therefore, CrunchBot™ engages the user immediately, breaking the ice by telling the user where to begin.

“Chatbots are the future of how we communicate with our most critical business asset – enterprise data.  CrunchBot™ solves a major problem today by accelerating the time to implement chatbots on top of the most popular dataviz technologies, Qlik.” says Nish Patel, CTO of Crunch Data.

How it Works:

First of all, CrunchBot™ is an artificially intelligent data analyst that consumes meta-data from your apps.   Then, the proprietary AI engine interprets information into questions business users may use to ask and get answers to critical business questions via a chat experience.  Later, the Bot uses advanced cognitive services to enhance answers with “rest of world” internet data that can be accessed and integrated instantly.

For more, please redirect to our CrunchBot™ site or read the press release here.