What does customer success mean to us? A look into value creation to deepen relationships.

Moving beyond hyperbole and empty promises to value creation

What does customer success and value creation have to do with the price of tea in China?  How do we create value in a relationship?  When someone is purchasing something from a vendor, they are buying into a relationship.  The relationship means more to the transaction that the goods or services procured.  You can purchase services to repair your car, but if the mechanic does not fix you car you won’t hire her again.  Conversely, if you hire a mechanic to fix your car and she does it on-time and on-budget but with a poor attitude, you might not hire her again either.  Perceived value for a product / service diminishes if relationship aspects are not maintained.  This is why we are renewing our commitment to customer relationships with our view of Success Management.

Customer Success through The Value Cycle:

I am a big fan of Michael Porter’s Value Chain!  The value chain simplifies and amplifies management strategy so that people can act!  The value chain is shorn of the unessential (as my mime teacher would say).  Our selling process is different.  The sales cycle is dead.  Long live the Value Cycle.  If we don’t maintain “value creating momentum” we run the risk of irrelevance.  It hurts when you become irrelevant to a customer!  Customer success and value creation are tied at the hip.

Customer Success and Value Creation

The value cycle supplants the sales cycle in an effort to prove our worth!

How we help: Value Creating Activities

Once engaged our team offers a host of support that we call “value creating activities”.  This approach to customer success and value creation works.  These activities are designed to do one thing, help you get more value from your investments in us and the technology we help you deploy.  Customers love these activities.  We burn calories to make you successful.  #partnership (sans cliche).  What we are good at:

  • Leading Practices
  • Market Research
  • Industry Intelligence
  • Vendor Management
  • Technology Alliances
  • User Enablement
  • Technology Adoption
  • Data Asset Investment Management
Value Creation

Supporting customers in unique ways makes us different.

What is in it for You?

  • Our investment of time, energy and passion to create valuable interactions and imaginative ways of solving your problems
  • To help you use, love and evangelize your tech capabilities
  • Better ways of understanding how your data asset investments are performing

Pillars of Success:

  1. Construct: Implement the work
  2. Engage: Value creating activities around the core statement of work
  3. Enable: Helping customers use and evangelize the investments you’ve made
  4. Optimize: Involve outside experts and introduce new capabilities
Customer Success

Four Pillars of Customer Success designed to help you get more value from your investments

The Success Team:

We have a unique team approach to Success Management.  The success team draws from our International team to deliver the right resources for the project.  Led by our Success Managers, supported by a Senior Consultant with deep technical skills across diverse tech stacks and flanked by a Project Manager, the Success Team works 24/7 with our Technology Lab (C-Lab) to scale and support engagements.

Success Team

A unique blend of on-site and on-demand resources ensures the right resources at the right time.