Data Assets, Data Strategy, Enterprise Information Management

Gaining the Investment Advantage with the Data Asset Ecosystem

Data is your biggest asset.  Align your investment strategy to growth objectives.

An Asset Manager builds across a portfolio of investment options to tailor the right products to your investment objectives.  Crunch Data consultants are “data asset managers”.  We measure and manage the risk to return ratio of your data assets.  Some people are more risk adverse.  Others have shorter investment horizons.  In either case, future outcomes are planned and managed for.  Return on investment is expected.

Crunch Data draws from Investment Banking to help you plan and grow your data assets.  The Data Asset Ecosystem helps customers pinpoint needed capabilities.  The firm’s investment experts match that need to a customers appetite for risk.  Our consultants plot the stairway to success and help you estimate and deploy needed technologies, on time and on budget.  Crunch Data positions you to make money and / or save money with your largest asset; your data.

What does this portfolio-based approach involve?

Our approach focuses on the following investment categories categories:  Integrate, Analyze, Govern, Visualize, Move, AI, Cloud, Secure.  Each category represents specific capabilities needed to get your information assets working to their highest potential.  From our extensive industry experience and rigorous market research, these eight categories represent where resources need to be deployed to make money or save money with your data assets.

The chart below details key elements to understand each investment category:


Data Assets, Data Strategy, Enterprise Information Management

Get more value from your data assets.

How do we go about evaluating a customer data asset portfolio?

We employ a Six Step Process to evaluate and re-deploy assets for maximum return.

Data asset, ITIL, ITAM, Asset Management, Enterprise Information Management

Gaining the investment advantage with your IT investments requires a new approach to ITAM.

Managing Financial Assets can be complex and volatile.  Investment strategy mixes value and growth approaches.  Investment strategy can be levered to increase or decrease the risk to return ratio.  When done right, asset management is highly lucrative to both asset manager and investor.  The right portfolio balance (a specific mix products and services with the corresponding levels of investment) will ensure the best investment outcomes for client(s).

Data is now the largest asset for businesses.  Our framework applies proven Financial Asset Management principles to Enterprise Information Management.  Email us for a FREE Data Asset portfolio evaluation.