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Lower Cost NetSuite Analytics – Qlik + Crunch Data.

There is a simple and natural evolution to the development of every Enterprise Analytics Program.

  • Answer your questions with reports provided by your various software platforms:  NetSuite, Salesforce, Marketo, Concur, etc.
  • Soon, your leaders will begin to gain insights from visualizations.  After all, every picture is worth 1000 words.  Consider that the range of solutions for visualization begins with Excel and extends all the way through a variety of options to the finest data discovery tool available, Qlik Sense.
  • Eventually, your enterprise will mature into requiring a true Analytics program across the Enterprise, with governance, security, accessibility, collaboration and all the other goodies.  At this point, you can research what is available for months or even years, but we will save you the trouble.  Your rational answer will be Qlik Sense.

NetSuite (and Oracle) agree with us:  It is truly valuable to have “Real-Time Business Intelligence Across the Enterprise” (quote from the NetSuite web site).  So, when it comes to delivering on this promise, here are a few things to examine:

  • First of all, NetSuite isn’t really the only software your organization uses, is it?  We didn’t think so.
  • And what is the cost of each NetSuite license for every business intelligence user that your enterprise would like to enable? Answer:  It is prohibitive to a truly analytics-driven enterprise.
  • NetSuite Analytics reports are not interconnected or drillable to the extent enabled by Qlik’s associative data scheme.  For instance, you can’t match up the CRM Suite to actual orders, and code in predictive algorithms to understand your margins and sales performance across products and regions.   Hmmmmm.
  • Most important, Is the NetSuite Analytics platform truly an open platform?  And is your Enterprise in a position to customize to its unique Business Intelligence needs?

Why you can “have it all” now, when it comes to Enterprise Analytics, using NetSuite Analytics with Qlik

Qlik + NetSuite + Crunch Data is an analytics platform that truly prepares your enterprise to leapfrog your competition.  Here are the benefits:

  • When using this powerful solution, you have chosen significantly lower per user license costs.  Meanwhile, NetSuite holds your own data hostage to a narrow set of reports.  Meanwhile, they claim the opposite.  Note, IT IS YOUR DATA AND IT IS A FUNDAMENTAL ASSET OF YOUR ENTERPRISE.  Don’t pay a toll every time your employees access your enterprise data.
  • You will be starting with the most flexible and scalable analytics platform available. Don’t subject yourself to expensive and limiting vendor lock-in.  You know that game, avoid it.
  • You will be starting with the company all of the other analytics platforms copy, Qlik.
  • With Crunch Data’s C-Connect Platform and NetSuite Accelerators, you’ll be high on the analytics maturity curve from day 1.  Crunch Data’s offering shaves six months of development time off your analytics program, reduces implementation risk, and sets a scalable foundation for expansion.

Conquering the “Fast, Good, Cheap” Triangle

Do you remember the old adage of the Fast, Cheap, and Good triangle?  It goes like this:  You can only have any combination of two.  You can NEVER have all three.  Fast and Cheap solutions can’t be Good.  If it is Fast and Good, it isn’t Cheap.  And if the solution is Good and Cheap, it can’t be Fast.

With a Crunch Data Qlik Solution, you can have an affordable and exceptional Enterprise Business Intelligence solution up and running fast.  When we say exceptional, we mean:  Next generation, paradigm shifting, and competitively disruptive.  Is that exceptional enough?  When we say fast, we mean that we can assist the average NetSuite enabled enterprise in implementing a powerful Business Intelligence program in under four weeks, using Crunch Data’ proprietary C-Connect tool and our NetSuite Accelerators.