Timextender for Next Generation Data Architecture

Crunch Data is pleased to offer its customers a superior tool for Data Architecture.  In keeping with Crunch’s own value system, Timextender democratizes access to corporate data and bridges the gap between business and IT. And if your company has NO gap between business and IT, all the better.  Crunch Data has determined Timextender is essential to mining hidden value in your corporate data.

Timextender has all the right features for modernizing your business’s approach to data architecture.  It solves a number of problems that may be preventing fast and easy business intelligence.  Timextender is secure.  Timextender improves data governance.  Most importantly, Timextender puts access to data at the fingertips of business users.  Analysis can be done quickly across multiple data sources.  Decisions become obvious and can be made fast.

Qlik, in their new deal with Timextender, is quoted as saying “At Qlik, we see self-service access to and interaction with data as fundamental to the needs of business users. With Qlik at the front-end of a TimeXtender DWA installation, democratization of data and discovery is simple, with profound implications for the business.”

So what is the technical approach Timextender takes?  Refer to this diagram.


Timextender technical diagram showing their modern approach to data architecture, enabling business intelligence for business users.

The Timextender hub is designed to take into account the new “API Economy”, while simultaneously respecting the need for adherence to IT policy and governance.  And since the hub is built on automation technology, it can be implemented for the needs and at the speed of business.  IT only has to maintain the ODS layer while the business serves itself and takes care of the rest.

Crunch Data combines Timextender’s offerings with our own superior architectural knowledge of many API’s and on premise data sources.  Using Qlik on the front end, and C-Connect(tm) where required, we are able to deploy our Accelerator Apps to save your business months of implementation time and lower your business risk of implementation at the same time.