Data Analytics and You – U.S. Citizen Tax Dollars at Work

Democratizing Analytics

Ever wonder what the government really does with its money? Microsoft’s Ex-CEO, Steve Ballmer, did too. Ballmer’s curiosity lead him to thinking questions like, “Where does the money come from?” and, “Where does the money go?” (Ballmer, 2017) Ballmer has invested his time and money into creating “ is a new data-driven portrait of the American population, our government’s finances, and government’s impact on society.” (Balmer, 2017) pulls government data from over 90,000 jurisdictions in the United States. It compounds datasets that are so intricate and elaborate, easily considered as “big data.” This data is captured, mined, categorized, analyzed, measured, modeled, and visualized in ways that it’s never been before.  At Crunch Data, we see this as the ultimate data analytics application for the individual.

The best part?

It’s all in one place and it’s free to the public eye.

The extracted statistics offer discovery, insight, knowledge, and explore new metrics in the form of analytics. presents summaries, reports, and breaks down the “big picture” of “big data” on federal, state, and local levels. Steve Ballmer takes big data to the next level by systematically arranging public government information, discovering mutual relationships, connections, and executing solid visual representations of the matter. This is both a combination of big data mining and its capability for BI analytics.

At Crunch Data, we manage any data from simple datasets to big data that is so detailed and complex using customized Qlik software developed to meet the needs/metrics of the client. As an elite provider and partner of Qlik, we pride ourselves in helping our clients reach their goals and solutions for ongoing business intelligence. From dashboard development, BI architecture, data governance, to complete managed services, Crunch Data does it all.

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Authored by: Stephanie Warner and Douglas Textor


Disclaimer: Crunch Data is not implying credit for the editorial publishing or data visualizations of any information on Our intention is to blog about exciting big data analytics and share topics with our readers.



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