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Crunch Data: (pronunciation, krunch da-ta) 1. The act of making better decisions through measurement, using available data. 2. A North American business devoted to helping customers gain a competitive advantage through data driven decision-making. 3. A prime corporate directive, as in, “Hey Smedley, Crunch that Data.”

Welcome to the Crunch Data website and the Crunch Time Blog located in the hot corner of the information technology universe. Crunch Data is all about combining next generation business intelligence tools, cloud services and our deep experience to deliver faster, better business intelligence (BI) programs for our customers.

Although our founders have deep roots in old school (pre-2014) BI, we reject the idea that BI should cost millions of dollars and take years to implement. With Crunch Data, you can begin projects and programs immediately, see rapid results and course correct with astonishing agility.

Crunch has been around for two and a half years and in that time we’ve averaged 82 percent annual growth*. We are proud to unveil our website and blog, both of which are designed to help line of business and IT get the most out of their BI investment.

We invite you to come back here regularly for forward thinking business insight, news and opinion on what is happening in the world of business intelligence. We’d also like to hear from you, get to know what you’re doing with BI and how we can help you.

Thanks for visiting!

Doug Textor, CEO and Principal Consultant

(*) Speaking of growth, here’s a crazy factoid: did you know that Google produces more data in one day than was held in every North American data center in 2011?