Your Google Prediction data contains insights of future predictions like user’s preferred movies or products, categorization of emails as spam or non-spam, assessment of positive or negative sentiment of posted comments, or users spend on a given day. Now, you don’t need to be blocked from accessing and using your own data. Get started immediately with Crunch Data’s C-CONNECT™. In a matter of weeks, we’ll get your organization connected to and accessible from Qlik Sense® and QlikView®, allowing your data analytics program to generate powerful insights and drive profitable decisions.

Analytics from Trained Data

Your Google Prediction data is just a start towards having a robust data analytics program, helping you to assemble a training set to create a predictive data model. Use C-CONNECT™ to connect to all your data sources or simply connect Qlik to Google Prediction for powerful insights.

Qlik BI Power

Google Prediction + Qlik with services of Crunch Data, Inc. offers unparalleled BI power and flexibility, through our consistent and unifying platform, C-CONNECT™.

Secure, Fast, Consistent

C-CONNECT™ technology satisfies your requirements for security of your data, while providing a solution that rapidly exceeds your predictive analysis business requirements.

Google Prediction is Just the Beginning

Let your Google Prediction data be the starting source for a perfectly architected, all inclusive, business and data analytics program, for all your data sets.

Choose Another Connector

Each Connector comes complete with API connectivity, powerful Qlik associative architecture, and an Accelerator dashboard, eliminating weeks, if not months of development. You are a BI superstar in your organization in a matter of days.

C-Connect™ for QlikView® and QlikSense®

C-Connect / Google Prediction

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