Build innovative modern applications with the innovations of NoSQL and scale your data horizontally to deliver incredible performance with MongoDB which is an open-source document-oriented database platform. You don’t need to be blocked from accessing and using your own data. Get started immediately, with Crunch Data’s C-CONNECT™ to replicate your data across geographic regions, manipulate in sophisticated ways and operationalize enterprise-grade security, automation, monitoring and integrations with your existing IT infrastructure.

Connect and Fetch MongoDB Data

Your MongoDB Data stores JSON-like documents with schemas. Use C-CONNECT™ to connect to database, and get tables list and its data.

Secure, Fast, Consistent

C-CONNECT™ technology satisfies your requirements for data security, while providing a solution that rapidly exceeds your business requirements for MongoDB analytics.

MongoDB Data is Just the Beginning

Let your MongoDB data be the starting source for a perfectly architected, all inclusive, enterprise-wide BI program for all data sets.

Choose Another Connector

Each Connector comes complete with API connectivity, powerful Qlik associative architecture, and an Accelerator dashboard, eliminating weeks, if not months of development. You are a BI superstar in your organization in a matter of days.

C-Connect™ for QlikView® and QlikSense®

C-Connect / MongoDB

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