Your SurveyMonkey data is used for customer satisfaction and employee engagement analysis. You now no longer need to live with a narrow range of default reports. Get started immediately, with Crunch Data’s C-CONNECT™.  In a matter of weeks, we’ll get your organization connected and accessible from Qlik Sense® and QlikView®, allowing you to generate powerful insights which help to drive informed decisions and professional reports for your business.

Ease of Survey Analytics

Your SurveyMonkey data is just the start towards having a robust, survey intelligence program. Use C-CONNECT™ to connect to your SurveyMonkey data at single source, for visualized customer insights.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Our SurveyMonkey accelerator app contains full drill-down executive dashboards, survey and responses analysis and many more to get you started quickly in your journey of data analytics.

Weeks, Not Years, with our Accelerator Apps

Our accelerator apps jump start your SurveyMonkey based BI program, and have you up and running in weeks, with state of the art self-service management dashboards.

Qlik BI Power

SurveyMonkey + Qlik with services of Crunch Data, Inc. offers unparalleled BI power and flexibility, through our consistent, unifying platform - C-CONNECT™.

Secure, Fast, Consistent

C-CONNECT™ technology satisfies IT’s requirements for security, while providing a solution that quickly fulfils SurveyMonkey analytics business requirements.

SurveyMonkey API Integration

Let your SurveyMonkey data be the starting source for a perfectly architected, all inclusive, enterprise-wide BI program for all survey data sets.

Choose Another Connector

Each Connector comes complete with API connectivity, powerful Qlik associative architecture, and an Accelerator dashboard, eliminating weeks, if not months of development. You are a BI superstar in your organization in a matter of days.

C-Connect™ for QlikView® and QlikSense®

C-Connect / SurveyMonkey

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