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Gaining the Investment Advantage with the Data Asset Ecosystem

Data is your biggest asset.  Align your investment strategy to growth objectives. An Asset Manager builds across a portfolio of investment options to tailor the right products to your investment objectives.  Crunch Data consultants are “data asset managers”.  We measure and manage the risk to return ratio of your data assets.  Some people are more[…]


Data Analytics and You – U.S. Citizen Tax Dollars at Work

Democratizing Analytics Ever wonder what the government really does with its money? Microsoft’s Ex-CEO, Steve Ballmer, did too. Ballmer’s curiosity lead him to thinking questions like, “Where does the money come from?” and, “Where does the money go?” (Ballmer, 2017) Ballmer has invested his time and money into creating “ is a new data-driven portrait of[…]

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Welcome to the Crunch Time Blog

Crunch Data: (pronunciation, krunch da-ta) 1. The act of making better decisions through measurement, using available data. 2. A North American business devoted to helping customers gain a competitive advantage through data driven decision-making. 3. A prime corporate directive, as in, “Hey Smedley, Crunch that Data.” Welcome to the Crunch Data website and the Crunch[…]

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Maturing beyond Information Anarchy

Gartner thought leaders have many “zingers” and a lot of smart predictions. One that has stuck with my over the years is the notion that when data moves into excel it goes “from fact to opinion”. This is an example of perpetuating information anarchy (the lowest level of analytics maturity). Information anarchy is a state[…]

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The 4Ps of Big Data

Data comes in all shapes and sizes. It is structured and unstructured. It contains letters (characters) and numbers (numeric) and can be strung together in sequences, series, strings. One element that gives data an asset value is how these various types and sources of data are combined and used in concert to help data consumers[…]

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Data at Rest – A Broader BI Definition

It is not possible to have a successful BI program without a lot of consideration placed on “Data at Rest” inside you organization.  Issues range from data security, to data integrity, all the way over to corporate strategy and creative thinking about uses for existing data. Check Wikipedia for a great starting definition of “Data[…]