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The 4Ps of Big Data

Data comes in all shapes and sizes. It is structured and unstructured. It contains letters (characters) and numbers (numeric) and can be strung together in sequences, series, strings. One element that gives data an asset value is how these various types and sources of data are combined and used in concert to help data consumers[…]

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Data at Rest – A Broader BI Definition

It is not possible to have a successful BI program without a lot of consideration placed on “Data at Rest” inside you organization.  Issues range from data security, to data integrity, all the way over to corporate strategy and creative thinking about uses for existing data. Check Wikipedia for a great starting definition of “Data[…]

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Eliot Arnold on Data Science

Crunch Partner Eliot Arnold will be discussing Data Science on a panel at the Big Data Summit in Kansas City, part of Techweek KC.  Links follow: Eliot will primarily present the Crunch Data paradigm for Bringing Structure to Unstructured Data – The Four P’s.  Data is organized, enriched, and structured around Propriety, Purchased, Public,[…]