Dashboard Development

Using superior next generation BI tools, Crunch Data will produce the highest quality dashboards in days, not months. Does your enterprise require management and analysts to have self-service analytics dashboards for strategy, research, and planning? Or do you want line users to have prescriptive mobile tools that set priorities on a daily basis? Crunch Data is experienced and has its own best practices across this spectrum of need. We provide results fast and flexibly. The problem you have is complex, and the results we provide will make it look simple.

Enterprise BI Architecture

Highest value to your enterprise can be attained by sharing critical data across business functions in a non-traditional way. For example, marketing analyzes marketing data while sales analyze CRM data. Insight and value expand exponentially when the two are combined. It is a simple concept to want to see ROI on marketing investment in terms of improved sales. Crunch Data’s Enterprise Architecture services offer experience and best practices to expand the vision and success of your enterprise BI program. Find out how, now..

Dashboard Health Check/Facelift

You want useful, high quality BI dashboards at every level of your organization, they must combine state-of-the-art business analysis, usability, and design. Maybe your analytics program produced fast results, but the resulting dashboards went into production too fast, and now they perform poorly, look haggard, or contain disconnected business facts. You need fresh eyes, evolved consultation, and technical expertise to tune up and transform your critical BI dashboards. Often it only takes a few days — time well spent, with Crunch Data!

Data Governance

Organizations that are ready to embrace the full power of data driven decision-making, require data governance. When you desire to maximize the value of your enterprise’s data assets, Crunch Data has the experience and skill to guide you through a best-practices approach to data governance. Ask about our service offerings designed to cover the strategy, implementation and training that will build a flexible, productive and lasting data governance body to support your BI goals.

C-Connect (TM) Cloud Integration

C-ConnectTM is here at Crunch Data. When you want to rapidly combine your enterprise’s data sources in a consistent, solid, easy to control framework, C-ConnectTM is your vehicle. Check out a list of our Connectors and contact Crunch Data to discuss the capabilities of C-ConnectTM!

Managed IT Services

Crunch can easily save you 30% per annum on the costs associated with managing the IT infrastructure of a next generation, enterprise-wide BI program. We have trained experts and a 24x7 support infrastructure available to you. This frees up costly FTE’s in your organization to focus elsewhere. Problems cropping up in the platforms that we offer are rare, but they do crop up. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable with experts that support our platform offerings daily, than trying to keep up with these technologies within your own organization? Ask about our cost-effective, risk reducing managed IT service offerings.