CrunchBot™ Leads Data Analytics Chatbot Field

Get a Data Analytics Chatbot Fully Functional in Minutes There is a large field of users that want to be able to use natural language for their data analytics questions.  Instead of busy looking dashboards, they want a data analytics chatbot.  So, Crunch Data’s lab has produced the CrunchBot™. CrunchBot leaps ahead in the field[…]

Data Assets, Data Strategy, Enterprise Information Management

Gaining the Investment Advantage with the Data Asset Ecosystem

Data is your biggest asset.  Align your investment strategy to growth objectives. An Asset Manager builds across a portfolio of investment options to tailor the right products to your investment objectives.  Crunch Data consultants are “data asset managers”.  We measure and manage the risk to return ratio of your data assets.  Some people are more[…]


Data Analytics and You – U.S. Citizen Tax Dollars at Work

Democratizing Analytics Ever wonder what the government really does with its money? Microsoft’s Ex-CEO, Steve Ballmer, did too. Ballmer’s curiosity lead him to thinking questions like, “Where does the money come from?” and, “Where does the money go?” (Ballmer, 2017) Ballmer has invested his time and money into creating “ is a new data-driven portrait of[…]